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Psychology in the Schools

Référence :  Vol. 61, n°5, mai 2024



  • Reading motivation and learning strategies among Chinese EFL learners, Hong Li, Chuang Wang, Zhengdong Gan, Cathy Ka Weng Hoi
  • Reciprocal longitudinal associations of defender self-efficacy with defending and passive bystanding in peer victimization, Björn Sjögren, Robert Thornberg, Tiziana Pozzoli
  • Revalidation of Teachers' Sense of Efficacy Scale using Ghanaian in-service teachers: Multidimensional item response theory with factor analyses, Frank Quansah, Edmond K. Agormedah, Francis Ankomah, Medina Srem-Sai, Regina M. Nugba, John E. Hagan Jr., Thomas Schack
  • A preliminary comparison study of teachers' resilience in Greece and Poland, Magdalena Boczkowska, Athena Daniilidou, Maria Platsidou
  • Hope, childhood experiences, and achievement motivation in high school students: A mixed methods study, Meyrem Ayça Polat, Ramin Aliyev
  • A moderated mediation analysis on the relationship between metacognition and mathematical resilience of gifted students, Sedat Turgut, Mahir Uğurlu
  • Nonsuicidal self-injury in elementary schools: School educators' knowledge and professional development needs, Amanda Simundic, Lisa Van Hove, Imke Baetens, Elana Bloom, Nancy Heath
  • The impact of teacher−student relationship on knowledge sharing among Chinese graduate students: The moderating roles of proactive personality, Weilin Su, Fujun Xiao, Shangfeng Jiang, Bei Lyu
  • Effects of grade retention in lower secondary education on students' self-concept, self-esteem, goal orientations, and school career, Joana Pipa, João R. Daniel, Francisco Peixoto
  • A research on mix-teaching method: Characteristics of employment education teachers on employability of students in Chinese institutions, Guo Wen, Xie Qing
  • Inner strength amidst pandemic: Teachers' self-efficacy patterns and perceived personal accomplishments, Cheyeon Ha, Tim Pressley
  • Ethnic–racial socialization experiences of Mexican American youth, Katherine J. Bingham, Elizabeth A. Cutrer-Párraga, Timothy B. Smith
  • “It felt a bit wartime”: Teacher perspectives of social and emotional well-being support in primary schools during Covid-19, Alison J. Lacey, Robin Banerjee, Kathryn J. Lester
  • Student perceptions of ethnic–racial socialization and outcomes across race and gender, Megan L. Gilbertson, Michelle K. Demaray
  • Examining student adherence within a cover-copy-compare intervention, Kaytlin A. Nelson, Tanya L. Eckert
  • Attention to the integration of literacy: A systematic review of early math interventions in informal learning environments, Hannah Carter, Gena Nelson, Peter Boedeker, Claire Werlin Buckmiller, Jessie Eames, Emma Knowles
  • The behavioral mechanism of Chinese college teachers' teaching engagement: A qualitative study based on the grounded theory, Yi Zou, Xinyu Xue, Lizhen Jin, Fujun Ding
  • Teachers’ voice behavior—Principal leadership-driven or teacher self-driven? Evidence from Taiwan, Chuan-Chung Hsieh, Imam Gunawan, Hui-Chieh Li, Jyun-Kai Liang
  • Paraprofessional perceptions about and use of behavior strategies in elementary schools, Nicole B. Wiggs, Todd A. Glover, Linda A. Reddy, Briana Bronstein, Christopher Dudek, Alexander Alperin
  • Examining biomarkers of stress over the process of teaching among teachers of English as a foreign language, Ali Mansouri Nejad, Omer Hassan Ali Mahfoodh
  • Measuring academic skill development for students with autism spectrum disorder using curriculum-based measurement: A scoping review and call for research, Milena A. Keller-Margulis, Sarah S. Mire, Elías S. Loría Garro, Emily R. Jellinek-Russo, Ivana Lozano, Amanda R. Hut, My-Linh N. Luu, Amy K. Izuno-Garcia, Kristen H. Erps, Lindsey N. Landry Pierce, Samantha X. Tan, Morgan M. McNeel, Scarlett M. Gardner, Brenda J. Duran
  • The influence of motivation climate on university student engagement in distance education during the pandemic: Moderating role of self-regulation, Jianping Fu, Xiaoshan Li, Fang Yi
  • When we go to ask for help, they don't understand how to help us: Understanding how youth with childhood histories of conduct problems link sexuality and gender to school-based service use, Shayla Chilliak, Alexa Martin-Storey, Michèle Déry, Caroline Elizabeth Temcheff, Mélanie Lapalme
  • The effect of peer bullying on academic achievement: A meta-analysis study related to results of TIMSS and PIRLS, Gulnar Ozyildirim, Engin Karadağ
  • Effects of Christian REACH forgiveness intervention to reduce aggressiveness in adolescents with conduct disorder, Sebastian Binyamin Skalski-Bednarz

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