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Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs (JORSEN)

Référence :  Vol. 24, n°2, avril 2024

  • Attitude and knowledge of dyslexia among elementary school teachers in Turkey, Özlem Altındağ Kumaş, Adile Emel Sardohan Yıldırım
  • Gifted and typically developing students' friendship quality: Does empathy make a difference?, Gülendam Akgül, Nisa Gökden Kaya
  • Construction of learning environments: A multiple case study in special education settings, Susanne Hansson, Karin Bengtsson, Gunilla Lindqvist, Nina Klang, Kerstin Göransson
  • Evaluation of a pilot physical activity intervention for children with ADHD symptoms and reading difficulties, Josephine N. Booth, Iain A. Mitchell, Philip D. Tomporowski, Bryan A. McCullick, James M. E. Boyle, John J. Reilly
  • ‘After a long period of being in hibernation – These little green shoots were growing’. Lived experiences of effective support for autistic young people who have experienced extended school nonattendance, Claire Neilson, Caroline Bond
  • Exploring disproportional use of exclusionary punitive practices by disability group: Evidence of higher disproportionality in low-SES Chilean students with ADHD, Verónica López, Claudio Allende, Christina Bosch, Sebastián Ortiz-Mallegas, Juan Pablo Valenzuela, Luis González
  • Do ADHD and SLD children differ in executive functions and behavioural problems? A comparative study, Ali Sharifi, Faramarz Asanjarani
  • Single mother parenting of children with autism spectrum disorder: A qualitative photo-narrative study, Rivka Hillel Lavian, Yael Kimhi, Tamar Shmuelovich
  • ‘One child, two schools’: Teachers' perspectives on the dual enrolment of students with disabilities in private special and inclusive schools in the United Arab Emirates, Mahra Saeed Haj Ali, Maxwell Peprah Opoku
  • ‘A learner is like a snowflake, each unique’: Uncovering pre-service language teachers' perceptions of differentiation relying on visualisations, metaphors and group discussions, Anssi Roiha, Pilvi Heinonen
  • Perspectives of pupils with additional support needs and their parents on the learning support during the COVID-19 pandemic in Croatia, Zrinka Ristić Dedić, Jasmina Ivšac Pavliša
  • Examining factors influencing teachers' intentions in implementing inclusive practices in Hong Kong classrooms, Wing Sze Emily Chow
  • ‘Trips are the thing we all remember from our school days’: The learning value of school trips for children with special educational needs from the perspective of primary school teachers, Jessica Wythe
  • Special education Teachers' attitudes to teaching students with disabilities in the regular school system in the United Arab Emirates, Razan Numan Alkhatib, Mahmoud Gharaibeh, Samir Jabra Dukmak, Mervat Amin Ijha
  • One step forward or two steps back? The attitudes of parents of students with disabilities regarding the amendment to the special education law in Israel, Orna Huri, Avihu Shoshana
  • Prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptomatology in Ecuadorian schoolchildren (aged 6–11), Ximena Vélez-Calvo, Raúl Tárraga-Mínguez, Heydi Mariana Roa-López, María José Peñaherrera-Vélez

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