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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 58, n°2, juin 2023

Thème :  Inclusive education policy and experience: Global and local perspectives



  • Inclusive education policy and experience: Global and local perspectives, Marie-Christine Deyrich, Magdalena Kohout-Diaz


  • Inclusive education for all: Principles of a shared inclusive ethos, Magdalena Kohout-Diaz


  • Inclusion discourses in contemporary Slovak education policy – From the individual to the community and from right to performance, Ondrej Kaščák, Martin Strouhal
  • French teachers' intentions to use accommodated materials in learning and assessment, Kamilla Khamzina, Caroline Desombre, Mickaël Jury
  • Policies for inclusive education practices in teacher education in the United Kingdom and France, Régis Malet
  • Teacher and parental views on inclusive education policy lending in the Czech Republic, Stanislav Štech, Irena Smetáčková
  • Inclusive education in the Czech Republic: A scoping review of a paradigm shift, Helena Vaďurová, Karel Pančocha
  • Inclusion of all in the neighbourhood school and student well-being in Senegal from the perspective of a practicing pedagogue, Saliou Sene
  • Exploring the notion of inclusivity as facilitating students' ontological engagement for personally relevant learning, Tara Ratnam
  • Inclusive education at the centre of human development issues in Togo, Komi Mawouli GBEBE
  • Navigating plurilingual learning: An inclusive education approach, Fiona Smythe


  • The vice and virtue of conflict in boards: A longitudinal study into the effect of conflicts and cohesion on the task performance of supervisory school boards in the Netherlands, Klaas Heemskerk
  • Improving the digital capacity of schools by using the SELFIE tool for collective reflection, Panagiotis Kampylis, Arianna Sala

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