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Paedagogica Historica

Référence :  Vol. 58, n°4, juillet 2022

  • History of Turkish language education in the process of educational modernisation of Ottoman: from the 1770s to 1890s, Ersoy Topuzkanamış
  • Identification and alienation: Aliza Levenberg’s educational work in Kiryat Shmona in the early 1960s, Amir Goldstein & Tamar Hager
  • Colonial state and indigenous Islamic learning: a case study of Calcutta Madrasa, Amit Kumar Suman
  • A prelude to postcolonial cultural histories of education: “reading” Amanda Kernell’s Sami Blood, Hannah M. Tavares
  • Teaching the “non-examinable” Estella Lewis’s contribution to post-war history education in the UK, Christopher Edwards
  • Literacy and education among the nobility in post-Petrine Russia, Igor Fedyukin
  • Expectation versus reality: how visual media use in Belgian Catholic secondary schools was envisioned, encouraged and put into practice (c. 1900–1940), Nelleke Teughels

Book Review

  • L’école aux colonies. Entre mission civilisatrice et racialisation (1816–1940) by Carole Reynaud-Paligot, Ceyzérieu, Champ Vallon, 2020, 348 pp., Yali Meng
  • Hidden stories – the life reform movements and art edited by Beatrix Vincze, Katalin Kempf and András Németh, Berlin, Peter Lang, 2020, 372 pp., Lajos Somogyvári
  • Education and the body in Europe (1900–1950). Movements, public health, pedagogical rules and cultural ideas edited by Simonetta Polenghi, András Németh and Tomáš Kasper, (Series: Erziehung in Wissenschaft und Praxis, Band 14), Berlin, Peter Lang, 2021, 268 pp., Christine Mayer

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