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Paedagogica Historica

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°1-2 février -avril 2018

Thème :  Education and the Body

  • Education and the body: introduction, Kate Rousmaniere & Noah W. Sobe
  • Metaphor, materiality, and method: the central role of embodiment in the history of education, Mona Gleason
  • The body’s civilisation/decivilisation: emotional, social, and historical tensions, Cynthia Veiga
  • Feet, footwork, footwear, and “being alive” in the modern school, Catherine Burke
  • The embodiment of teaching the regulation of emotions in early modern Europe, Jeroen J. H. Dekker & Inge J. M. Wichgers
  • Éducation des corps et disciplinarisation: le processus d’intégration des sports dans l’éducation scolaire française (1918–années 1990), Doriane Gomet & Michaël Attali
  • In flesh and bone: bodily image and educational patterns in early Reformation theatre, Luana Salvarani
  • Regulated and liberated bodies of schoolgirls in a Finnish short film from the 1950s, Marjo Nieminen
  • Representations of hands in the Florentine Codex by Bernardino de Sahagún (ca 1499–1590), Christian Roith
  • “No wonder they are sick, and die of study”: European fears for the scholarly body and health in New England schools before Horace Mann, Rebecca Noel
  • Revitalising teachers’ bodies: prescriptions for rest and teachers’ summer activities in the United States, 1880s–1930s, Christine A. Ogren
  • “Hopelessly insane, some almost maniacs”: New York city’s war on “unfit” teachers, Kristen Chmielewski
  • Controlling the image of the teacher’s body under authoritarianism: the case of Soviet Latvia (1953–1984), Iveta Kestere & Baiba Kalke
  • Delineation of a politico-scientific complex to govern the “abnormal” child: mental hygiene, vocational curriculum, and Republican imaginations of re/productive citizenry, Turkey (1930–1950), Yasin Tunc
  • The discovery of feeblemindedness among immigrant children through intelligence tests in California in the 1910s, Mariko Omori

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