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Paedagogica Historica

Référence :  Vol. 53, n°1-2, février-avril 2017

Thème :  Culture and Education

  • Culture and education: looking back to culture through education, Filiz Meşeci Giorgetti, Craig Campbell & Ali Arslan
  • A culture of knowledge production: testing and observation of Dutch children with learning and behavioural problems, Nelleke Bakker
  • A new educational model and the crisis of modern terminologies: a view of Egypt in the nineteenth century, Kinda alSamara
  • The cult of order: in search of underlying patterns of the colonial and neo-colonial “grammar of educationalisation” in the Belgian Congo. Exported school rituals and routines?, Sarah Van Ruyskensvelde, Karen Hulstaert & Marc Depaepe
  • Creating an educational home: mothering for schooling in the Australian Women’s Weekly, 1943–1960, Helen Proctor & Heather Weaver
  • A case study of women instructors and their education in the reign of Abdulhamid II, Meryem Karabekmez
  • Useful citizens, useful citizenship: cultural contexts of Sámi education in early twentieth-century Norway, Sweden, and Finland, Otso Kortekangas
  • Whose children are they? A transnational minority religious sect and schools as sites of conflict in Canada, 1890–1922, Robyn Sneath
  • The foundation of the Turkish National Student Union and the attendance of the International Student Union at the Second Warsaw Congress, Betül Batir
  • Heroism and Volksgemeinschaft (ethnic community) in National Socialist education 1933–1945, Carsten Heinze & Kristin Straube-Heinze
  • National unity in cultural diversity: how national and linguistic identities affected Swiss language curricula (1914–1961), Anja Giudici & Sandra Grizelj
  • Household bibis, pious learning and racial cure: changing feminine identities in colonial India, 1780–1925, Tim Allender
  • The student in the Polish socialist secondary school (1945–1989): a cultural context, Justyna Gulczynska

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catégorie(s) :  systèmes éducatifs