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British Journal of Special Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 51, n°1, mars 2024



  • Editorial, Graham Hallett, Fiona Hallett


  • The trauma challenge: How teachers experience students with complex trauma, Anne Southall
  • Keeping the child in mind in multi-professional working: Valuing the viewpoints of children and their parents, Carla Solvason, Jo Winwood
  • Increasing self-esteem for vulnerable young women: A case study of entrepreneurship training for vulnerable young women in Thailand, Auschala Chalayonnavin
  • Language and drawing development after a combined intervention: A single-subject case study, Ceyhun Servi
  • Perceived effectiveness of assistive devices and support services provided to students with visual impairment in mainstream classrooms in the United Arab Emirates, Ashraf Mustafa, Maxwell Peprah Opoku, Ahmed Hamdan, Mohammed Safi, Enas Mohamed
  • Measuring safety perceptions of students with behavioural problems in special education: A validation study of the safe at school questionnaire, G. H. P. Van der Helm, G.J. Klapwijk, J. J. Roest, C. H. Z. Kuiper, R. H. J. Scholte, G. J. J. M. Stams
  • Exploring a school-level inclusive practice index for meaningful inclusion in Zambian schools, Tamara Chansa-Kabali, Joachim Nyoni
  • The impact of remote learning on the social and emotional needs of students with exceptionalities, Agnieszka Petlik
  • Emotionally based school non-attendance: Development of a local authority, multi-agency approach to supporting regular attendance, Shannon Corcoran, Catherine Kelly, Caroline Bond, Louise Knox
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of key components of Zones of Regulation™ curriculum training on teachers' self-efficacy at managing self-regulation needs in autistic pupils, Elisabeth Öhlböck, May Stinson, Katrina McClintock, Beverley Turtle


  • Politics page, John Perry


  • The teacher's introduction to pathological demand avoidance: Essential strategies for the classroom, Jolene Carter

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