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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 44, n°8, avril 2024

Thème :  Expanding the Sociological Imagination: Reckoning for Other Sociologies of Education; Guest Editors: Francesca Peruzzo; Sara Joiko; Julie Allan; María Teresa Rojas



  • Other sociologies of education: providing critical perspectives from the Global South and North, Francesca Peruzzo, Sara Joiko, Julie Allan & María Teresa Rojas

Epistemic order and changes

  • Pre-modern epistemes inspiring a new Global Sociology of Education Imagination, Jordi Collet-Sabé
  • Re-enchanting education: Bachilleratos Populares in Argentina as a commoning experience, Noelia Fernández González
  • Teaching about colonialism, nationalism, and neoliberal patriarchy during the Chilean social outbreak, Andrea Riedemann, Fernanda Stang, Sara Joiko, Josefina Palma & Antonia Garcés
  • Giving space to the subject’s potential present: Zemelman’s contributions to Sociology of Education, Felipe Acuña & Francisca Corbalán
  • Decolonising master’s supervision by queering/enfletando the process: opening decolonial cracks through fleta reflexivity, Tebi Ardiles, Paulina Bravo González & Corina González Weil
  • Sub-alterities: schooling in Southern Italy, Marco Pitzalis & Emanuela Spanò
  • School and community relationships in Mexico. Researching inclusion in education from critical and decolonial perspectives, Cristina Perales Franco & Stefano Claudio Sartorello


  • Decolonial love as a pedagogy of care for Black immigrant post-secondary students, Alana Butler
  • Decolonizing education in Latin America: critical environmental and intercultural education as an indigenous pluriversal alternative, Jorge Garcia-Arias, Silvina Corbetta & Bruno Baronnet

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mot(s) clé(s) :  recherche en éducation, sociologie de l'éducation

catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation