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British Journal of Educational Psychology (BJEP)

Référence :  vol. 93, n°4, décembre 2023

  • Effect of task-based group experience on collaborative learning: Exploring the transaction activities, Jimmy Zambrano R., Femke Kirschner, John Sweller, Paul A. Kirschner
  • Emotional involvement matters, too: Associations among parental involvement, time management and academic engagement vary with Youth's developmental phase, Sihan Liu, Xinyi Wang, Jiefeng Ying, Jialin Shi, Xinchun Wu
  • Mediation of self-concept and moderation of teacher support between SES and reading achievement: Evidence from China and the United States, Lihong Ma, Leifeng Xiao, Qi Li
  • Educational experiences of young people with ADHD in the UK: Secondary analysis of qualitative data from the CATCh-uS mixed-methods study, Abigail Emma Russell, Simon Benham-Clarke, Tamsin Ford, Helen Eke, Anna Price, Siobhan Mitchell, Tamsin Newlove-Delgado, Darren Moore, Astrid Janssens
  • Identifying the psychological mechanisms of utility-value activities to inform educational research and practice, David M. Silverman, Chris S. Hulleman, Yoi Tibbetts
  • Cognitive style and creativity: The role of education in shaping cognitive style profiles and creativity of adolescents, Shuen Ho, Maria Kozhevnikov
  • Adolescent loneliness across the world and its relation to school climate, national culture and academic performance, Rebecca Jefferson, Manuela Barreto, Frederick Jones, Jasmine Conway, Aishwarya Chohan, Katrine Rich Madsen, Lily Verity, Kimberly J. Petersen, Pamela Qualter
  • ‘It's scary starting a new school’: Children and young people's perspectives on wellbeing support during educational transitions, Ola Demkowicz, Charlotte Bagnall, Alexandra Hennessey, Kirsty Pert, Lucy Bray, Emma Ashworth, Carla Mason
  • Preschool teachers' pedagogical content knowledge predicts willingness to scaffold early science learning, Lukas Schmitt, Anke Weber, Laura Venitz, Miriam Leuchter
  • Examining the learning effects of concrete and abstract materials among university students using a two-dimensional approach, Joy Wai Yan Chan, Winnie Wai Lan Chan
  • Achievement goal profiles and their associations with math achievement, self-efficacy, anxiety and instructional quality: A single and multilevel mixture study, Melvin Chan, Gregory Arief D. Liem
  • Comparing judgements of educational desirability between learner and instructor roles with low or high proficiency, Shigehiro Kinda
  • ‘It feels like I'm back to being a teacher’: A longitudinal trajectory analysis of teachers' experiences during the first 8 months of COVID-19 in England, Lisa E. Kim, Diana Fields, Kathryn Asbury
  • Comparing the effectiveness of two reciprocal reading comprehension interventions for primary school pupils in disadvantaged schools, Liam O'Hare, Patrick Stark, Maria Cockerill, Katrina Lloyd, Sheila McConnellogue, Aideen Gildea, Andy Biggart, Christine Bower, Paul Connolly
  • Boarding versus day-students: A mixed-methods analysis of sleep and its relationship with psychological distress, Alexander Reardon, Kurt Lushington, Andrew Junge, Jonathan Crichton, Alex Agostini
  • International comparisons of the home mathematics environment and relations with children's mathematical achievement, Alexa Ellis, Jimena Cosso, Robert J. Duncan, María Inés Susperreguy, Victoria Simms, David J. Purpura
  • Undergraduate students' motivational profiles before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: The role of educational climate and trait self-control, William Gilbert, Julien S. Bureau, Abdoul Diallo, Alexandre J. S. Morin, Frédéric Guay
  • Are curiosity and situational interest different? Exploring distinct antecedents and consequences, Dajung Diane Shin, Yoonah Park, Minhye Lee, Sung-il Kim, Mimi Bong

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mot(s) clé(s) :  psychologie de l'éducation, recherche en éducation

catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation