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Encyclopaideia (EnCP)

Référence :  Vol. 27, n°66, août 2023

Thème :  Imparare a dire la propria parola



  • Imparare a dire la propria parola, Marco Dallari


  • Triumphs and Tribulations of Teaching Practicum Experiences: Reflections from Preservice Teachers in UAE, Laila Mohebi
  • Supporting Resilience in Pandemic Times: Children’s Perspectives in a Primary School (Digital) Newspaper, Giovanna Malusà
  • Doing Phenomenological Research in Hematology: The Experience and Benefits According to Researchers’ Perspective, Mirta Rocchi, Luca Ghirotto, Cristina Pedroni
  • Does There Exist a Need for a ‘New’ Educational Ideal of Rationality? The Crossroads between Transhumanism and Israel Scheffler’s Conception of Critical Thinking, Paloma Castillo
  • “At last, Someone Asked Us Foreigners What We Think!” Speaking Up As An Exercise Of Active Citizenship: An Italian Case Study, Alessandra Mussi, Nicola Rainisio, Paolo Inghilleri, Linda Pola, Chiara Bove
  • Can AI Language Models Improve Human Sciences Research? A Phenomenological Analysis and Future Directions, Marika D'Oria

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