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The Curriculum Journal

Référence :  Vol. 34, n°1, mars 2023

Thème :  Decolonial and anti-racist perspectives in teacher training and education curricula in England and Wales

  • Decolonial and anti-racist perspectives in teacher training and education curricula in England and Wales, Haira Gandolfi, Elizabeth A. C. Rushton
  • Decolonisation and anti-racism: Challenges and opportunities for (teacher) education, Lesley Le Grange
  • Finding ‘pockets of possibility’ for anti-racism in a curriculum for student teachers: From absence to action, Heather Smith, Vini Lander
  • Raciolinguistic policy assemblages and white supremacy in teacher education, Ian Cushing
  • English as an additional language (EAL): Decolonising provision and practice, Oakleigh Welply
  • Decolonial praxis: Teacher educators' perspectives on tensions, barriers, and possibilities of anti-racist practice-based Initial Teacher Education in England, Josephine Gabi, Anna Olsson Rost, Diane Warner, Uzma Asif
  • Making spaces for collaborative action and learning: Reflections on teacher-led decolonising initiatives from a professional learning network in England, Terra Glowach, Rafael Mitchell, Tryphosa Bennett, Lydia Donaldson, Jo Jefferson, Lisa Panford, Amy Saleh, Kate Smee, Bathsheba Wells-Dion, Evie Hemmings
  • The recruitment and retention of teachers of colour in Wales. An ongoing conundrum?, Susan Davis, Chantelle Haughton, Sammy Chapman, Rom Okeke, Aylwin Yafele, Kin Yu, Martin Smith
  • Resisting whiteness: Anti-racist leadership and professional learning in majority white senior leadership teams in English schools, Claire Stewart-Hall, Penny Rabiger, Vini Lander, Viv Grant
  • ‘Deep understanding’ for anti-racist school transformation: School leaders' professional development in the context of Black Lives Matter, Sharon Walker, Ian Bennett, Pavenjit Kettory, Clare Pike, Lee Walker

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mot(s) clé(s) :  curriculum et programmes d'enseignement, éducation interculturelle, recherche en éducation