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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 57, n°3, septembre 2022

Thème :  Developments in doctoral education: transformations and trends



  • Perspectives on doctoral education, Gábor Halász, Jean-Claude Ruano-Borbalan


  • Doctoral education from its medieval foundations to today's globalisation and standardisation, Jean-Claude Ruano-Borbalan
  • Emergence of current European thinking and policies on doctoral education, Melita Kovačević, Alexandra Bitušíková, Tamara Dagen
  • Labour market perspectives for PhD graduates in Europe, Eva Hnatkova, Iryna Degtyarova, Margaux Kersschot, Julia Boman
  • The well-being and mental health of doctoral candidates, Gábor Kismihók, Darragh McCashin, Stefan T. Mol, Brian Cahill
  • Leadership in changing doctoral education, Lucas Zinner, Bianca Lindorfer, Allison O'Reilly
  • Developing a signature pedagogy for doctoral education, Kari Smith
  • Review of benefits and challenges of co-supervision in doctoral education, Orsolya Kálmán, László Horváth, Dorottya Kardos, Borbála Kozma, Mebrate Bekele Feyisa, Zoltán Rónay
  • University insiders' perceptions of doctoral education development in five East and Southeast Asian countries: An institutional logics perspective, Tengteng Zhuang, Baocun Liu, Ruichang Ding
  • The perception and experience of young researchers in doctoral programmes in the context of recent reforms in Kazakhstan, Moldir Yelibay, Laura Karabassova, Zhussipbek Mukhatayev, Assiya Yermukhambetova


  • A review of literature on history education: An analysis of the conceptual, intellectual and social structure of a knowledge domain (2000–2019), Cosme J. Gómez-Carrasco, Jairo Rodríguez-Medina, Ramón López-Facal, José Monteagudo-Fernández
  • The trajectory of computer science education policy in Ireland: A document analysis narrative, Cornelia Connolly, Jake Rowan Byrne, Elizabeth Oldham

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mot(s) clé(s) :  diplôme et certification, recherche en éducation