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The Curriculum Journal

Référence :  Vol. 33, n°3, septembre 2022

Thème :  Curricula from the past, in the present and for the future?



  • Curricula from the past, in the present and for the future?, Stavroula Philippou, Mark Priestley


  • Lost in transition: Student journeys and becoming—Deliberations for a post-COVID era, Lucie Pollard, Jan Bamford
  • Understanding curricula as theories of action, Darren Hannah, Claire Sinnema, Viviane Robinson
  • Teachers' sources of information about climate change: A scoping review, Steven Puttick, Isobel Talks
  • Civics curriculum in Arab schools: Teachers facing ethical and ideological dilemmas in the classroom, Rabah Halabi
  • Scientific literacy and agency within the Chilean science curriculum: A critical discourse analysis, Gonzalo R. Guerrero, Betzabé Torres-Olave
  • ‘The knowledge question’ in the Norwegian curriculum, Anniken Hotvedt Sundby, Berit Karseth
  • How early mathematics interventions support mathematics vocabulary learning: A content analysis, Gena Nelson, Hannah Carter
  • Searching for creativity in the Portuguese preschool and basic education curricula, Andreia Valquaresma, Joaquim Luís Coimbra
  • Songs and singing songs in early childhood education: A review of Spanish curriculum policy, Lucía Casal de la Fuente, Carol Gillanders
  • Curriculum reform in Wales: Physical education teacher educators' negotiation of policy positions, David Aldous, Victoria Evans, Dawn Penney

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