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The journal of Educational Research

Référence :  Vol. 115, n°2, juin 2022

  • A practice-based approach toward school dropout: Support workers’ perspectives on supporting students, Lana Van Den Berghe, Sarah De Pauw & Stijn Vandevelde
  • Against sedentary school environment: Rethinking the aims of education through physical education, Jodie Leiss & Jeong-Hee Kim
  • Force and motion misconceptions’ pliability, the case of Moroccan high school students, Tariq Bouzid, Fatiha Kaddari & Hassane Darhmaoui
  • Effects of cognitive control strategies on coding learning outcomes in early childhood, Lin Wang, Donglin Shi, Fengji Geng, Xiaoxin Hao, Fu Chanjuan & Yan Li
  • Using peer assessment to improve middle school mathematical communication, Melissa M. Patchan, Karen E. Rambo-Hernandez, Brianna N. Deitz & Joseph McNeill
  • Investigation of effects of negotiations of sociomathematical norms on mathematical process skills, Mehmet Gülburnu & Ramazan Gürbüz
  • Measuring the Rothko experience in school visitors to modern art museums, Carmen Urpí, Charo Reparaz & Fernando Echarri

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