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The Curriculum Journal

Référence :  Vol. 33, n°2, juin 2022

Thème :  Challenging curricular hegemony through international perspectives

  • Challenging curricular hegemony through international perspectives, Carmel Roofe, Todd Alan Price
  • The impact of the hidden curriculum on international students in the context of a country with a toxic triangle of diversity, Sibel Baykut, Cihat Erbil, Mustafa Ozbilgin, Rifat Kamasak, Sercan Hamza Bağlama
  • Curriculum as a language of ethical engagement: Reducing epistemological barriers, continuing the dialogue, Andrea Baldwin
  • Have we addressed internationalization sufficiently? Investigating British and Sino-British postgraduate curricula with a postcolonial design perspective, Qian Wang, Amy Gooden, Haibo Gu, Hanlihui Ma, Yuchen Pan
  • Re-thinking historical consciousness in a pandemic: From commemoration to contestability, Kay Carroll, Kate Littlejohn
  • Schooling practices, curriculum, and educational opportunities of the children in the fisherman' neighbourhoods in Indonesia archipelago, Dinny Risri Aletheiani
  • Curriculum theorizing of self-other for change: To see, to observe, and to contemplate through I-Ching (The Book of Change), Seungho Moon, Wenjin Guo
  • The planned curriculum—Not just a matter of teachers, Helena Grundén
  • Including students with special educational needs in physical education: An analysis of the current Finnish national core curriculum, Christopher Mihajlovic, Stefan Meier
  • Caribbean orality as a method for teacher involvement in curriculum making in Jamaica, Carmel Roofe


  • Citizenship education in Chile: Curricular orientations and teachers' beliefs in a context of political crisis and social mobilization, Cristián Cox, Camila Jara Ibarra, Macarena Sánchez Bachmann


  • Curriculum and the generation of Utopia: Interrogating the current state of critical curriculum theory, Geraldine Mooney Simmie


  • Afterword: Reinventing ourselves to change the world, Peter Appelbaum

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