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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 56, n°1, mars 2021

Thème :  Higher education access, participation and progression: Inequalities of opportunity

  • Higher education access, participation and progression: Inequalities of opportunity, Erna Nairz‐Wirth, Sarah O'Shea, Franziska Lessky
  • Who aspires to higher education? Axes of inequality, values of education and higher education aspirations in secondary schools in Luxembourg and the Swiss Canton of Bern, Andreas Hadjar, Jan Scharf, Tina Hascher
  • Informational capital and the transition to university: First‐in‐family students' experiences in Austrian higher education, Franziska Lessky, Erna Nairz‐Wirth, Klaus Feldmann
  • Conflict and contentment: Case study of the social mobility of working‐class students in Canada, Wolfgang Lehmann
  • The working classes and higher education: Meritocratic fallacies of upward mobility in the United Kingdom, Diane Reay
  • “Kids from here don't go to uni”: Considering first in family students' belonging and entitlement within the field of higher education in Australia, Sarah O’Shea
  • Constructing a graduate career future: Working with Bourdieu to understand transitions from university to employment for students from working‐class backgrounds in England, Ann‐Marie Bathmaker
  • Fostering sense of belonging at universities, Sabine Weiss
  • Facing the pandemic: Considering partnerships for widening participation in higher education in Australia, Kylie Austin
  • Teacher turnover: What can we learn from Europe?, Miroslava Federičová
  • The influences of conceptions of mathematics and self‐directed learning skills on university students' achievement in mathematics, Khaled Alotaibi, Sultan Alanazi
  • The digital competence framework for primary and secondary schools in Europe
  • Montse Guitert, Teresa Romeu, Pablo Baztán

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