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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 55, n°3, septembre 2020

Thème :  Shadow education – Opportunity for development

  • Shadow education—Opportunity for development, János Gordon Győri
  • An inevitable phenomenon: Reflections on the origins and future of worldwide shadow education, David P. Baker
  • The global diversity of shadow education, Magda Nutsa Kobakidze, Larry E. Suter
  • Comparative research on shadow education: Achievements, challenges, and the agenda ahead, Wei Zhang, Mark Bray
  • School systems as breeding grounds for shadow education: Factors contributing to private supplementary tutoring in West Bengal, India, Pubali Ghosh, Mark Bray
  • Accountability and (mis)trust in education systems: Private supplementary tutoring and the ineffectiveness of regulation in Myanmar, Junyan Liu, Mark Bray
  • The education of academically gifted students in South Korea: Innovative approaches in shadow education, Young Chun Kim, Jaeseong Jo, Jung‐Hoon Jung
  • Shadow education in the service of tiger parenting: Strategies used by middle‐class families in China, Wei Zhang
  • Students' teaching career expectations by gender and ability levels in science and math: The role of salary and numeracy skills, Seong Won Han, Francesca Borgonovi
  • The Programme for International Student Assessment and Google: An analysis of online news in Italy, Brunella Fiore, Donatella Poliandri
  • An evaluation of university students' latent and self‐perceived digital competence in the use of mobile devices, Genoveva Leví‐Orta, Luisa Sevillano‐García, Esteban Vázquez‐Cano
  • Why do students leave university? Qualitative research at an Italian higher education institution, Marco Romito, Silvia Pilutti, Dalit Contini

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