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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°1, mars 2019

Thème :  Active ageing and older learners—Skills, employability and continued learning

  • Active ageing and older learners—Skills, employability and continued learning, Richard Desjardins, Dorothy Sutherland Olsen, Tove Midtsundstad
  • Active ageing and older learners—Trajectories and outcomes, Tom Schuller
  • Seniors’ learning, David Istance
  • A review of the research literature on adult learning and employability, Tove Midtsundstad
  • The relationship between attaining formal qualifications at older ages and outcomes related to active ageing, Richard Desjardins
  • Lifelong learning and the continued participation of older Norwegian adults in employment, Tove Midtsundstad, Roy A. Nielsen
  • Ageing and skills: The case of literacy skills, Garry F. Barrett, W. Craig Riddell
  • Education, age and skills: An analysis using PIAAC data, Jorge Calero, Inés P. Murillo Huertas, Josep Lluís Raymond Bara
  • Lifelong learning among older professionals: How competence strategies and perceptions of professional learning affect pastors’ participation, Tone Cecilie Carlsten, Dorothy Sutherland Olsen
  • Is the Europe of Knowledge the talk of the town? Exploring how members of the European Parliament refer to higher education, Martina Vukasović, Julie Birkholz, Jelena Brankovic
  • Doctorate holders’ careers in Spain: Does international mobility matter?, Antonio Caparros‐Ruiz
  • The sign of the new millennium. Organisational changes and job satisfaction at Spanish public universities, Jon Olaskoaga‐Larrauri, Xabier González‐Laskibar, Miren Barrenetxea‐Ayesta, Pablo Díaz‐De‐Basurto‐Uraga
  • Tackling early school leaving: Principals’ insights into Portuguese upper secondary schools, Helena C. Araújo, Eunice Macedo, Sofia A. Santos, Alexandra O. Doroftei

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