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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 53, n°4, décembre 2018

Thème :  Reconceptualising system transitions in education for marginalised and vulnerable groups

  • Reconceptualising system transitions in education for marginalised and vulnerable groups, Paul Downes, , Erna Nairz‐Wirth,  Jim Anderson
  • Rethinking transition: What happens when young people leave school early?, Marie Gitschthaler, Lore van Praag
  • How can a second chance school support young adults’ transition back to education?, Eunice Macedo, Sofia A. Santos, Helena C. Araújo
  • Disrupting Eurocentric epistemologies: Re‐mediating transitions to centre intersectionally‐minoritised immigrant children, families and communities, Mariana Souto‐Manning
  • Divergent paths, same destiny: A Bourdieusian perspective on refugee families' negotiation of urban school transition in the US, Guofang Li
  • How key transitions influence school and labour market careers of descendants of Moroccan and Turkish migrants in the Netherlands, Maurice Crul
  • Impact of the Friendly Schools whole‐school intervention on transition to secondary school and adolescent bullying behaviour, Donna Cross, Therese Shaw, Melanie Epstein, Natasha Pearce, Amy Barnes, Sharyn Burns, Stacey Waters, Leanne Lester, Kevin Runions
  • Unintended effects of the language policy on the transition of immigrant students to upper secondary education in Catalonia, Charo Reyes, Silvia Carrasco
  • Working class educational transitions to university: The limits of success, Diane Reay
  • Conclusion: Developing conceptual understandings of transitions and policy implications, Paul Downes, Jim Anderson, Erna Nairz‐Wirth
  • Measuring innovation in education: The outcomes of a national education sector innovation survey, Gábor Halász
  • The “flawless” school and the problematic actors: Research on policy documents to counteract discrimination and degrading treatment in schools in Sweden, Mattias Lundin, Ann‐Christin Torpsten
  • Limitations on the human capital transferability of adult migrants in Spain: Incentive or barrier for a new investment in education?, Jacobo Muñoz‐Comet, María Miyar‐Busto
  • ECVET and ECTS credit equivalency in higher education – A bridge too far?, Cathal Ryan, Michael Bergin, Sylvia Titze, Wolfgang Ruf, Stefan Kunz, John S. G. Wells
  • A capability approach to children’s well‐being, agency and participatory rights in education, Caroline Sarojini Hart, Nicolás Brando

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