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Review of educational research

Référence :  Vol. 88, n°4, aout 2018

  • The Effectiveness of Direct Instruction Curricula: A Meta-Analysis of a Half Century of Research, Jean Stockard, Timothy W. Wood, Cristy Coughlin, and Caitlin Rasplica Khoury
  • A Meta-Ethnographic Review of the Experiences of African American Girls and Young Women in K–12 Education, Alaina Neal-Jackson
  • The Effect of Teacher Coaching on Instruction and Achievement: A Meta-Analysis of the Causal Evidence, Matthew A. Kraft, David Blazar, and Dylan Hogan
  • Developing a STEM Identity Among Young Women: A Social Identity Perspective, Ann Y. Kim, Gale M. Sinatra, and Viviane Seyranian

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