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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 53, n°2, Juin 2018

Thème :  Are student assessments fit for their purposes?

  • Are student assessments fit for their purposes?, Janet Looney
  • The use of behavioural objectives as a means of holding teachers to account for their students learning. Does this render student assessment ‘fit for purpose?’ , John Elliott
  • Design for assessment change, Eva Baker
  • Equitable assessment interactions in the ‘Open Learning Environment’ (OLE), Masahiro Arimoto and Ian Clark
  • Helping students to become capable learners, Paul Black
  • The state-of-the-art in digital technology-based assessment, Michael O'Leary, Darina Scully, Anastasios Karakolidis and Vasiliki Pitsia
  • Measuring what matters: Using technology to assess multidimensional learning, Brian D. Gane, Sania Z. Zaidi and James W. Pellegrino
  • The potentials of game-based environments for integrated, immersive learning data, Jennifer S. Groff
  • (Re)shaping educational research through ‘programmification’: Institutional expansion, change, and translation in Norway, Mike Zapp, Jo B. Helgetun and Justin J. W. Powell
  • Narratives boost entrepreneurial attitudes: Making an entrepreneurial career attractive?, Katharina Fellnhofer
  • The effects of post-compulsory education and training systems on literacy and numeracy skills: A comparative analysis using PISA 2000 and the 2011 survey of adult skills, Nicola Pensiero and Andy Green
  • Diversity and diversification in ECEC practices: Considerations from Serbia, Lidija Miškeljin and Nima Sharmahd

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