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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol.52, n°4, décembre 2017

Thème :  Education for people, prosperity and planet: Can we meet the sustainability challenges?

  • Education for people, prosperity and planet: Can we meet the sustainability challenges?, Aaron Benavot
  • Can we meet the sustainability challenges? The role of education and lifelong learningArjen E. J. Wals and Aaron Benavot
  • Higher education in the sustainable development goals frameworkTaya Louise Owens
  • A perspective on education's importance for urban development, Priyadarshani Joshi
  • The leapfrogging opportunity: The role of education in sustainable development and climate change mitigation Kartikeya Sarabhai and Purvi Vyas
  • Indigenous knowledge and implications for the sustainable development agenda, Giorgia Magni
  • Integrated planning for education and development, Amlata Persaud
  • Education for global citizenship and sustainable development in social science textbooks, Jeremy David Jimenez, Julia Lerch and Patricia Bromley
  • Effective education and communication strategies to promote environmental engagement, Lisa Zaval and James F. M. Cornwell
  • Non-cognitive skills: Potential candidates for global measurement, Kai Zhou
  • Skill achievement and returns in developing countries: Evidence from adult skills surveysKenn Chua
  • Measuring child development and learningAbbie Raikes
  • Measures of learning and teaching material availability and use in sub-Saharan Africa and other low-income countries, Nicholas Read
  • Post-secondary scholarships for students from developing countries: Establishing a global baselineRajika Bhandari
  • The implementation of internationalisation in Israeli teacher training colleges, Miri Yemini, Julie Hermoni, Vered Holzmann, Liron Shokty, Wurud Jayusi and Nazeh Natur
  • Celebrating 30 years of the Erasmus programmeywel Ceri Jones

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