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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 38, n°6, septembre 2017

  • Adult participation in higher education and the ‘knowledge economy’: a cross-national analysis of patterns of delayed participation in higher education across 15 European countries, Manuel Souto-Otero & Adam Whitworth
  • Negotiating queer and religious identities in higher education: queering ‘progression’ in the ‘university experience’, Emily Falconer & Yvette Taylor
  • The art of self-making: identity and citizenship education in late-modernity, Reza Gholami
  • Busy yet passive: (non-)decision-making in school governing bodies, Helen Young
  • Computer adaptive testing, big data and algorithmic approaches to education, Greg Thompson
    Teachers’ emotions in the context of education reform: labor process theory and social constructionism, Kwok Kuen Tsang & Tsun Lok Kwong
  • Metaphor as a methodological tool: identifying teachers’ social justice dispositions across diverse secondary school settings, Carmen Mills, Tebeje Molla, Trevor Gale, Russell Cross
  • Early years learning, play pedagogy and social class, Julie Stirrup, John Evans & Brian Davies
  • Cultural capital and academic achievement in post-socialist Eastern Europe, Katerina Bodovski, Haram Jeon & Soo-yong Byun
  • Revisions to rationality: the translation of ‘new knowledges’ into policy under the Coalition Government, Ian McGimpsey, Alice Bradbury & Diego Santori

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation