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British Journal of Sociology of Education (BJSE)

Référence :  Vol. 38, n°4, juin 2017

  • Exploitation or opportunity? Student perceptions of internships in enhancing employability skills, Henrietta O’Connor & Maxine Bodicoat
  • Student perceptions of themselves as ‘consumers’ of higher education,,Michael Tomlinson
  • ‘A strategy of distinction’ unfolds: unsettling the undergraduate outbound mobility experience, Ravinder Sidhu & Gloria Dall’Alba
  • The flexible university: higher education and the global production of migrant labor, Yasmin Y. Ortiga
  • The influence of grandparents’ social class on children’s aspirations, Vanessa Moulton, Eirini Flouri, Heather Joshi & Alice Sullivan
  • Pedagogic identities for sale! Segregation and homogenization in Swedish upper secondary school, Marianne Dovemark & Ann-Sofie Holm
  • Student-centered instruction and academic achievement: linking mechanisms of educational inequality to schools’ instructional strategy, Ida Gran Andersen & Simon Calmar Andersen
  • Counter-narratives that challenge neo-liberal discourses of schooling ‘disengagement’: youth professionals informing the work of teachers, Glenda McGregor
  • ‘Peer social capital’ and networks of migrants and minority ethnic youth in England and Spain, Clara Helene Rübner Jørgensen
  • Education policy in an era of neoliberal urbanisation: a case study of Istanbul’s school relocations, Sezen Bayhan & Fatma Gök

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation