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European Journal of Education : Research, Development and Policy

Référence :  Vol. 52, n°1, mars 2017

Thème :  Higher education learning outcomes

  • Higher education learning outcomes – transforming higher education?, Joakim Caspersen and Nicoline Frølich
  • Higher education learning outcomes – Ambiguity and change in higher education, Joakim Caspersen, Nicoline Frølich and Johan Muller
  • Measuring learning outcomes, Joakim Caspersen, Jens-Christian Smeby and Per Olaf Aamodt
  • Learning outcomes in professional contexts in higher education, Tine S. Prøitz, Anton Havnes, Mary Briggs and Ian Scott
  • HELOs and student centred learning – where's the link? , Rachel Sweetman
  • Higher Education Learning Outcomes and their Ambiguous Relationship to Disciplines and Professions, Svein Michelsen, Agnete Vabø, Hanne Kvilhaugsvik and Endre Kvam
  • Academic Institutions, Ambiguity and Learning Outcomes as Management Tools, Ivar Bleiklie, Nicoline Frølich, Rachel Sweetman and Mary Henkel
  • The Spread of the Learning Outcomes Approaches across Countries, Sub-systems and Levels: A special focus on teacher education, Gábor Halász
  • Why School Choice Reforms in Denmark Fail: the blocking power of the teacher union, Susanne Wiborg and Kristina R. Larsen
  • International Demand For Spanish University Education: an analysis in the context of the European Higher Education Area, Virginia Rincón and Jon Barrutia

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