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Paedagogica Historica

Référence :  Vol. 52, n°1-2, février 2016

Thème :  Education, War and Peace

  • Introduction: education, war and peace, Gary McCulloch & Georgina Brewis
  • War and education in the United States: racial ideology and inequality in three historical episodes, John L. Rury & Derrick Darby
  • Modern education and the revolt of 1857 in India, Parimala V. Rao
  • Contextualiser la place du français et du malgache dans le système éducatif du Madagascar: une perspective historique, Ellen Vea Rosnes & Monique Irène Rakotoanosy
  • War, education and state formation: problems of territorial and political integration in the United States, 1848–1912, Nancy Beadie
  • Singing about soldiers in German schools, from 1890 to 1945, Katharine Kennedy
  • The quotidianisation of the war in everyday life at German schools during the First World War, Joachim Scholz & Kathrin Berdelmann
  • Reading at the front: books and soldiers in the First World War, Marcella P. Sutcliffe
  • “I was my war; my war was I”: Vera Brittain, autobiography and university fiction during the Great War, Ann K. McClellan
  • No “fear of flying”? Worrals of the WAAF, fiction, and girls’ informal wartime education, Stephanie Spencer
  • Children’s education and mental health in Spain during and after the Civil War: psychiatry, psychology and “biological pedagogy” at the service of Franco’s regime, Amparo Gomez & Antonio Fco. Canales
  • Civic education and visions of war and peace in the Spanish transition to democracy, Kira Mahamud Angulo, Tamar Groves, Cecilia Cristina Milito Barone & Yovana Hernández Laina
  • The Convitti Scuola della Rinascita (the Boarding Schools of Rebirth): an innovative pedagogy for democracy in post-war Italy (1945–1955), Fabio Pruneri
  • Identity negotiations in conflict-ridden societies: historical and anthropological perspectives, Zvi Bekerman & Michalinos Zembylas

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