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Review of educational research

Référence :  Vol.83, n°2, juin 2013

  • Extensive Reading Interventions for Students With Reading Difficulties After Grade 3, Jeanne Wanzek, Sharon Vaughn, Nancy K. Scammacca, Kristina Metz, Christy S. Murray, Greg Roberts, and Louis Danielson
  • Interventions for Learning Disabilities: Does a Journal-Based Change in Focus and Article Type Reflect or Influence Legal Mandates?, Daniel F. McCleary, Emily Fuller Rowlette, Taylor K. Pelchar, and Sherry K. Bain
  • Impact of Garden-Based Learning on Academic Outcomes in Schools: Synthesis of Research Between 1990 and 2010, Dilafruz R. Williams and P. Scott Dixon
  • Changing Conceptions of Time: Implications for Educational Research and Practice, Julia C. Duncheon and William G. Tierney
  • Antecedents of Employees’ Involvement in Work-Related Learning: A Systematic Review, Eva Kyndt and Herman Baert

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