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Etudes et rapports internationaux

Sélection de rapports officiels et d'études internationaules, pouvant intéresser la recherche en éducation.

Il y a actuellement 2068 rapports signalés dans notre base de données.

Liste des études et rapports internationaux :

  • Transforming education system: why, what, and how (06/2022) nouveau :)
  • Study of teacher coaching based on classroom videos: impacts on student achievement and teachers'practices (06/2022) nouveau :)
  • The future of vocational education and training in Europe . Volume 1, The changing content and profile of VET (06/2022)
  • Support for children and young people's mental health (England) (06/2022) nouveau :)
  • Informal carers (06/2022) nouveau :)
  • Who you know: relationships, networks, and social capital in boosting opportunity for young Americans (05/2022)
  • Learning and working in the digital age: Advancing opportunities and identifying the risks (05/2022)
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children's socioemotional well-being and attainment during the Reception Year (05/2022)
  • Adolescent isolation, ideology, and the missing voice of parents: A social listening analysis of Brazilian education (05/2022)
  • Better schools by promoting musculoskeletal health. A strategic approach for promoting exercise and preventing MSDs in schools : report (05/2022)

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