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Key considerations for the use of rankings by higher education institutions

Editeur(s) :  European University Association (EUA)

Date :  10/2023


With this text, the European University Association (EUA) presents a set of guiding considerations to support universities in using global rankings responsibly.

University rankings have become a fact of (university) life. Since their emergence several decades ago, they have come to feature prominently, and often controversially, in discussions about demonstrating university performance and measuring quality and excellence in higher education.

While rankings may have had some positive impact (for some institutions), they continue to face sustained criticism for their choice and use of indicators, data collection methods, promotion of a single model of excellence, and lack of transparency on what they can – and cannot – tell their users about institutional quality and excellence. With this publication, EUA aims to raise further awareness and encourage reflection of some of the potential pitfalls of rankings and provide its members with guidance towards their responsible use.

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