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Supporting refugee learners from Ukraine in higher education in Europe

Editeur(s) :  European Commission (EC)

Date :  07/2022


The Russian invasion of Ukraine forced many people to flee their home and seek protection in neighbouring European countries, amongst them a large proportion of children and young people. Higher education systems in the receiving countries now have a responsibility to support young people to continue their studies, and to provide them with quality education and support services. This report investigates what higher education authorities across Europe have done so far to assist higher education institutions in integrating and supporting refugee learners from Ukraine. The aim is to inspire future efforts to respond in the best way possible to the needs and aspirations of these refugee learners. The report presents qualitative Eurydice data on national policies and measures in 37 European education systems. The findings show that many countries have reacted rapidly to provide policy support to higher education institutions to address the needs of refugee learners from Ukraine. In most cases these measures build on pre-existing policy. The report also shows that monitoring of refugee status in higher education is not widespread, and that in some countries further work is required to recognise refugee qualifications that cannot be adequately documented.

  1. Measures supporting the integration of refugees in higher education

1.1.  Presence of large-scale measures

1.2.  Support measures for refugee learners

1.3.  External Quality Assurance of support measures for refugee learners

  1. Recognition of qualifications

2.1.  Implementation of Article VII of the Lisbon Recognition Convention

2.2.  The Council of Europe Qualifications Passport for Refugees (EQPR)

2.3.  Toolkit for the recognition of refugees’ qualifications

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