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Objects to Learn About and Objects for Learning 1 Which Teaching Practices for Which Issues?

Auteur(s) :  BISAULT Joëlle, LE BOURGEOIS Roselyne, THÉMINES Jean-François, LE MENTEC Mickaël, CHAUVET-CHANOINE Céline (dir.)

Editeur(s) :  ISTE Éditions
240 p., 165 USD

Année d'édition :  2022 (paru en mars 2022)

Resulting from a conference that took place in Amiens, France, in June 2019, this book examines the place and role of objects centered in teaching practices from kindergarten to university, both in the context of France and elsewhere. These “objects for learning” are considered in their physicality as productions, work or signs that are used for learning. They become “objects to learn about” when the object itself is the learning objective. This book offers a cross-disciplinary perspective, linking the different disciplinary fields studied and the many reference sources used by the authors.

This two-volume work offers an overview of current research on the subject, with this first volume introducing the questions addressed and then going on to investigate the relationship between objects and languages, looking at objects at the heart of early learning.

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mot(s) clé(s) :  apprentissage, langues vivantes