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Center on Continuous Instructional Improvement

Sigle :  CCII

The Center on Continuous Instructional Improvement (CCII) was formed in the spring of 2006, to help to test the hypothesis that if practice in American schools could be transformed so that it routinely exhibits the characteristics of what the Foundation calls "the cycle of instructional improvement" (basically a combination of formative assessment and adaptive teaching and learning, coupled with ways of capturing, codifying, and scaling up the adaptations that prove to be most effective), the result would be orders of magnitude increases in school effectiveness sufficient to meet the goal of standards-based school reform - that substantially all students should succeed in reaching or exceeding defined standards of achievement in core subjects and skills.

      CCII is part of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE.

      One of the Center's first tasks is to clarify the concept of formative assessment and show how it is linked to instruction. CCII will draw clear distinctions among the various assessment tools that are now being labeled formative and examine and share their empirical warrants.

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