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Pays : France  Langue(s) : anglais, français 

Transitions in Youth : Youth transitions at risk? Insecurity, precarity and educational mismatch in the youth labour market - 17th annual workshop of the European Research Network

Date :  du 17-09-2009 au 19-09-2009

Lieu :  Dijon

Organisation :  Institut de recherche sur l'éducation : sociologie et économie de l'éducation - IREDU (IREDU)

Programme : 
In many countries, young people, especially young labour market entrants, are the group most vulnerable to the negative effects of recent economic events. Increasingly, they find themselves entering a slackening labour market characterized by massive lay-offs. Their educational qualifications may give them a relative advantage vis-à-vis other groups hit by the economic crisis. Nevertheless, they must also cope with the effects of enterprises restructuring, restrictions on hiring, and employer demands for increasing flexibility. This flexibility can take different forms: the employment contract offered to young people, the nature of the jobs they obtain which are often not commensurate with their level of education or their skills, the level of pay, part-time work, and so on.

      Topics :
      - What impact has changing economic conditions had on young people’s educational and labour market behaviour?
      - Which groups of young people are most vulnerable in the context of insecurity and precarity?
      - What kinds of measures have been put in place to facilitate young people’s transition into employment? How effective have they been?

      Contributions (abstracts) : before April 24th, 2009.

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