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SRHE Annual Conference 2021 - (Re)connecting, (Re)building: Higher Education in Transformative Times

Date :  du 06-12-2021 au 10-12-2021

Lieu :  à distance

Modalité :  intégralement à distance

Organisation :  Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)

Programme : 

Plenaries and plenary speakers

Opening remarks

08:45-09:00, Monday 6th December 2021

A brief welcome from Helen Perkins, Director, Society for Research into Higher Education.

- Helen Perkins, Director, Society for Research into Higher Education

Higher Education in/of East Asia

11:00-12:00, Tuesday 7th December 2021

This session focuses on developments and evolving trends in education in China and Hong Kong, in the context of increasingly international higher education. The panel will reflect on issues raised by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as well as regionally-specific social and political developments, and will discuss the motivations, opportunities, and obstacles to international student and academic mobility to and from China and Hong Kong. The session will consider the uneven nature of China and Hong Kong in research globally, and will discuss tensions between internationalisation and indigenisation in the sector.

- Dr Miguel Antonio Lim, University of Manchester

- Professor Rui Yang, University of Hong Kong

- Dr Xin Xu, Centre for Global Higher Education & University of Oxford

Learning from ‘learning analytics’: Data-Gathering and Digital Platforms in Higher Education

11:00-12:00, Wednesday 8th December 2021

Although interest in and deployment of learning analytics is increasing throughout our sector, there remains a dearth of research-led understanding of the effects of digital infrastructures on the way we teach and learn, and the kinds of data these infrastructures produce. This session takes stock of developments in learning analytics in higher education, the complexities of how learning analytics are and could be employed, and the future possibilities presented by learning analytics practice. We will discuss pedagogical and ethical questions around the use of digital platforms in higher education learning, and how digital technologies intervene in the creation of knowledge itself. We will reflect on the application of learning analytics in the context of internationalisation, student engagement, and widening participation.

- Professor Lesley Gourlay, University College London

- Dr Carlo Perrotta, Monash University

- Professor Paul Prinsloo, University of South Africa

Mind the Gap: Academic-Policy Engagement

13:00 ‐ 14:00, Thursday 9th December 2021

In this session, we discuss the importance of sustained engagement between academics and policy professionals across the higher education sector, and how research evidence and academic expertise is central to effective public policy. We consider the obstacles and challenges to academic-policy engagement: engaging with public policy can be an uncertain and obscure process for academic researchers, while different working timescales between researchers and policymakers can compromise mutual understanding and collaboration. As well as exploring ways to support academic-policy engagement, this session will reflect on structural and relational inequalities which impact academic-policy engagement, and propose strategies for diversifying mechanisms of engagement.

- Sarah Chaytor, University College London

- Dr Olivia Stevenson, University College London

Centring Students in Higher Education: Access, Equality, and Making Change

13:30 – 14:30, Friday 10th December 2021

For almost two years now, students have had to adapt to a transformed higher education sector, often with little opportunity to process and intervene in the changes underway. This session invites reflections from two speakers who work to create space for student voices and experiences—especially those most marginalised within the student body. We will discuss ways in which social, political, and economic developments – including the COVID-19 pandemic – have impacted students’ experience of and access to higher education, as well as considering possible opportunities for positive change which have been presented during and since the pandemic. We will also reflect on educational equity and equal access, including how students can be involved as interlocutors in their own education.

- Dr Franziska Lessky, University for Continuing Education Krems

- Harriet Moore Student, Union President and Student Governor, Plymouth College of Art Students' Union

- Dr Chantelle Jessica Lewis, University of Oxford

Reflection & closing remarks

16:45 ‐ 17:30, Friday 10th December 2021

Professor Jacqueline Stevenson and Dr Camille Kandiko Howson, Chair and Vice Chair of the SRHE Research and Development Committee draw the conference to a close and offer insights on themes which emerged during the course of the event.

- Professor Jacqueline Stevenson, University of Leeds & Chair, SRHE Research and Development Committee

- Dr Camille Kandiko Howson, Imperial College London & Vice Chair, SRHE Research and Development Committee


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