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ICME-14 - The 14th International congress on mathematical education

Date :  du 11-07-2021 au 18-07-2021

Lieu :  Shanghai et à distance

Modalité :  en présentiel et/ou distanciel

Organisation :  International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI - IMU)

A major responsibility of ICMI is to plan for the quadrennial International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME), held under the auspices of ICMI. This entails, for the ICMI Executive Committee (EC), choosing from among host country bids, appointing an International Program Committee (IPC) to form the scientific program and select presenters, and overseeing progress of the congress preparations. 

The IPC works independently from the Commission. However in order to ensure continuity with general ICMI principles, the ICMI EC normally has representatives on the IPC — in particular the President and Secretary-General of the Commission are ex officio members of the IPC —, one of whom is acting as a liaison officer with the Local Organising Committee of the congress. 

The practical and financial organisation of an ICME is the independent responsibility of a Local Organising Committee, again under the observation of general ICMI guidelines. In other words, while it is not ICMI as such which is organizing an ICME, neither in terms of the scientific nor of the practical aspects of the Congress, all ICMEs are held under the Commission's auspices and principles.

Starting with ICME-8, a special ICME Solidarity Fund, built by setting aside some 10% of the total amount collected through the registration fees, has provided grants in order to support and increase participation from less affluent regions of the world to the ICME congresses.

Launched in 1969 at the initiative of ICMI President Hans Freudenthal (1905-1990), the ICMEs have been held since then in leap years.

The years and sites of past ICMEs are:

ICME-1           1969                           Lyon (France)

ICME-2           1972                             Exeter (UK)

ICME-3           1976                      Karlsruhe (Germany)

ICME-4           1980                           Berkeley (USA)

ICME-5           1984                        Adelaide (Australia)

ICME-6           1988                        Budapest (Hungary)

ICME-7           1992                          Québec (Canada)

ICME-8           1996                            Sevilla (Spain)

ICME-9            2000                           Tokyo (Japan)

ICME-10          2004                    Copenhagen (Denmark)

ICME-11          2008                        Monterrey (México)

ICME-12          2012                            Seoul (Korea)

ICME-13          2016                        Hamburg(Germany)

Programme : 

Considering the current situation and potential development of COVID19, we (ICME-14 Chair and LOC together with the ICMI Presidents, Vice Presidents and Secretaries General, Incumbent and incoming) decided in a joint online meeting on October 29, 2020 that ICME-14 will be held in a hybrid mode, i.e., it will be held simultaneously in face-to-face form (in Shanghai) as well as online form. The IPC agrees with the decision. The detailed design for integrating two forms in a conference is being discussed and any new updates will be announced once ready.
We wish this decision helps you to make your plan of attending the congress, and, if applicable, we hope you could still try your best to attend the face-to-face congress in Shanghai.

The plenary activities are those components of the scientific programme that address all Congress participants at the same time.

For ICME-14 there will be two types of plenary activities, including 4 plenary lectures and 3 plenary panel discussions. After the lectures, there will be an opportunity for participants to meet and discuss with the speakers.

The information of the speakers are as follows:

  • Plenary Lecture 1: Cédric VILLANI (France)

  • Plenary Lecture 2: Lingyuan GU (China)

  • Plenary Lecture 3: Robyn JORGENSEN (Australia)

  • Plenary Lecture 4: Mercy KAZIMA (Malawi)

  • Plenary Panel 1: Actors for mathematics teacher education: Joint actions versus conflicts
    Chair: Angel RUIZ (Costa Rica)
    Team members: Frédéric GOURDEAU (Canada), Despina POTARI (Greece), Chunxia QI (China), Mikhail SLUCH (Russia)

  • Plenary Panel 2: Mathematics education reform post 2020: Conversations towards building back better
    Chair: Mellony GRAVEN (South Africa)
    Team members: Marcelo BORBA (Brazil), Eva JABLONKA (Germany), Danny MARTIN (USA), Ravi SUBRAMANIAM (India)

  • Plenary Panel 3: Pandemic times: Challenges, responsibilities and roles for mathematics and mathematics education communities
    Cochairs: Michèle Artigue (France) and Ingrid Daubechies (USA)
    Team members: Timothy Gowers (UK), Jean Lubuma (South Afirica), Nelly León (Venezuela) and David Wagner (Canada)


• enregistrement vidéo :


Toutes les sessions plénières ont été enregistrées et sont disponibles sur le site du congrès.

mot(s) clé(s) :  mathématiques (discipline)