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ALTE 2020 7th international conference

Date :  du 28-04-2021 au 30-04-2021

Lieu :  Madrid

Modalité :  intégralement à distance

Organisation :  Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE)

L'édition 7 de la conférence triennale d'ALTE, prévue en 2020, a été remplacée en 2021 par un symposium virtuel  > ALTE 1st International Digital Symposium April 2021. Safeguarding the Future of Multilingual Assessment in the Covid world

ALTE is excited to present its first International Digital Symposium, taking place on 28-30 April 2021! We will draw together some of the key themes relevant to safeguarding the future of language assessment, in multilingual contexts, in the Covid and post-Covid world. We meet in the most innovative VR conference platform, to sustain community and enhance interactivity.

The Digital Symposium gives language assessment practitioners and researchers the opportunity to discuss and share ideas about the most important and relevant issues in our field: ones connected to technology such as online testing, automarking, video call tests, remote proctoring, eye-tracking and gamification, but also other key issues such as the CEFR, social justice, migration and dealing with GDPR.

ALTE events are often praised for the ability to network, and it was important to find a virtual platform which prioritises the need for a sense of community, interaction and engagement. Our symposium uses the Allseated exVo platform to create a true conference experience, and will feature different events in different formats to engage participants with a memorable conference. You'll need to use Google Chrome to access the platform.

Programme : 

ALTE's mission is to set standards of language tests and assessment, sustain diversity of languages (both spoken and signed) through our commitment to multilingualism, and maximise impact of language teaching, testing and assessment in Europe and beyond. Our seventh international conference considers how we can safeguard fair, valid and ethical practices in the light of new developments and innovations in our multilingual field.

Plenaries, paper presentations, workshops and posters will be focused around the four key strands of the conference:

  • Defining the Construct of Multilingualism in Language Assessment
  • Innovations in Language Assessment
  • Fair and Valid Language Testing and Assessment
  • Considerations of Ethics and Justice in the Multilingual Context of Assessment

Plenary speakers:

Elana Shohamy
Elana Shohamy is a professor of Multilingual Education at Tel Aviv University where she teaches and researches various issues of multilingualism as they relate to testing and assessment, language policy, immigration and linguistic landscape
Multilingual assessment integrated with language policy: Lessons from research and new initiatives for equality and justice

Paula Buttery
Paula Buttery is a Professor of Language and Machine Learning at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge
Innovations and Implications of Language Assessment Technologies

Barry O'Sullivan
Professor Barry O’Sullivan is the Head of Assessment Research & Development at the British Council
Can Tests be Fair and Valid?

Bart Deygers
Bart Deygers is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Language and Education (KU Leuven, Belgium).
Language Tests and Human Rights: It's complicated, but does it need to be?

Featured Speakers:

Featured speaker sessions are presentations from speakers invited by ALTE to showcase their institution and the work their institution does in relation to the four strands and theme of this conference. We have invited European or international groups that ALTE has involvement with, who deal with language education policy and practice. Our currently confirmed featured speakers and the organisations they represent are:

  • OECD : Catalina Covacevich, The PISA 2024 Foreign Language Assessment
  • European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) : Sarah Breslin and Jose Noijons, The Dynamics of Multilingual Assessment
  • Instituto Cervantes :  Inés Soria Pastor y Javier Fruns Gimenez, La situación actual de la evaluación certificativa de lenguas en España: una rápida (r)evolución
  • Eaquals: Peter Brown

Ressources mises à disposition à l'issue de la manifestation : 

• articles :


Les contributions prévues pour l'édition 2020 de la conférence internationale ont été rassemblées dans un document téléchargeable sur le site de l'assocation : Collated Papers for the ALTE 7th International Conference, Madrid (pdf, 232 pages).

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