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SRHE Annual Conference 2018 - The changing shape of higher education: Can excellence and inclusion cohabit?

Date :  du 05-12-2018 au 07-12-2018

Lieu :  Newport, Wales

Organisation :  Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)

Programme : 

Higher education is increasingly subject to competing demands, often appearing to come from very different, seemingly incompatible world views. The idea of the “knowledge economy” has emerged as a dominant way of framing the work of universities, represented in global league tables that privilege a particular view of excellence and its purpose. In many parts of the world, governments are reorganising their higher education systems to support the growth of “elite” institutions, whilst a growing number of private providers widen further the type of teaching provision available. There is thus a clear trend towards increasing stratification in many university systems whilst privileging economic ends over social ones.

Those of us engaged in higher education research are challenged by such developments, and may wish to ask difficult questions in observing the changing shape of higher education: Are these changes inevitable? Are they happening everywhere and in the same way? Is higher education becoming increasingly a means of social reproduction?

We ask how we can avoid the disbenefits of current trends. What role can other beliefs and values play in challenging what are fast becoming unquestioned norms. Is it acceptable to let markets decide who gets access to what educational opportunity? Is there space for diversity and inclusion in an increasingly stratified system? To what extent can institutions develop and maintain a distinctive mission? How can higher education research contribute to understanding and managing stratification?

In a post-truth and post-Brexit world where economic and social norms are being tested to breaking point, this conference will seek to champion the breadth and depth of knowledge of which higher education research is so rightly proud. It will celebrate the diversity of theories, methods and approaches that characterise it, bringing them to bear on current higher education and future trends. The conference will take a comparative approach both at national and international level, seeking to show through comparison that there are choices that can be made.

Keynote Speakers

- Professor Marek Kwiek
Director of the Centre for Public, Policy Studies, UNESCO
Chair in Institutional Research and Higher Education Policy, University of Poznan, Poland.
Social Stratification in Higher Education:What It Means at the Micro-Level of Individual Academics

- Professor John Taylor
Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University
First World War Memorial Lecture: The Impact of the First World War on British Higher Education

- Professor Kalwant Bhopal
Professorial Research Fellow/Professor of Education and Social Justice, Deputy Director Centre for Research in Race & Education (CRRE), University of Birmingham
Challenging ‘excellence’ in higher education: racism, inclusion and white privilege

- Professor Vikki Boliver
Professor of Sociology and Director of Research, Department of Sociology, Durham University
The prestige claims of UK universities: rhetoric and reality

- Professor Ellen Hazelkorn
Higher Education Policy Research Unit (HEPRU), Dublin Institute of Technology
Does a world-class university strategy lift all boats?

- Professor Louise Morley
Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research (CHEER), University of Sussex, UK
Changing the Shape of Higher Education: Troubling Neoliberalism and Imagining Alternativity

Papers will be timetabled for presentation within the following 10 research domains:

  • Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)
  • Access and widening participation (AWP)
  • The Digital University and new learning technologies (DU)
  • Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)
  • Higher education policy (HEP)
  • International contexts and perspectives (ICP)
  • Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)
  • Management, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)
  • Postgraduate scholarship and practice (PGSP)
  • Student experiences (SE)

La conférence est précédée par une journée réservée aux jeunes chercheurs : Newer & Early Career Researchers Conference


Ressources mises à disposition à l'issue de la manifestation : 

• articles, diaporamas, résumés :

• enregistrement vidéo :


Les diaporamas et vidéos des conférences plénières sont disponibles sur le site de la conférence. Un livre des résumés est proposé en téléchargement (pdf, 136 p.) et les contributions sont également téléchargeables à l'unité (longueur très inégale) depuis la rubrique 'conference papers'.

mot(s) clé(s) :  enseignement supérieur, gouvernance et pilotage, métiers de l'enseignement supérieur et de la recherche