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SRHE Annual Conference 2017 - Higher Education rising to the challenge: Balancing expectations of students, society and stakeholders

Date :  du 06-12-2017 au 08-12-2017

Lieu :  Newport

Organisation :  Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE)

Programme : 

More is required of universities than ever before, as they contribute to economic growth through research that has impact and as they educate citizens who can contribute to society and the working world. Tensions are inevitable but change produces new opportunities. Longstanding traditions of disinterested enquiry, of critique and of learning for its own sake may contribute to economic ends but may also be in tension with them. A drive towards excellence may produce beneficial change but may conflict with a wish for inclusion. Efficiency and effectiveness need to be tempered with a concern for wellbeing. Thus there are major challenges at system, institutional and individual levels to balance the many purposes of a university in the twenty-first century. This year’s conference provides an excellent opportunity to share our understandings of where we are today, to build for the future.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Susan Wright, Professor of Educational Anthropology at the Danish University of Education, Aarhus University.

Papers will be timetabled for presentation within the following 10 research domains:

- Academic practice, work, careers and cultures (AP)
- Access and widening participation (AWP)
- The Digital University and new learning technologies (DU)
- Employability, enterprise and graduate careers (EE)
- Higher education policy (HEP)
- International contexts and perspectives (ICP)
- Learning, teaching and assessment (LTA)
- Management, leadership, governance and quality (MLGQ)
- Postgraduate scholarship and practice (PGSP)
- Student experiences (SE)

La conférence est précédée par une journée réservée aux jeunes chercheurs.


Ressources mises à disposition à l'issue de la manifestation : 

• diaporamas :

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Les diaporamas et vidéos des conférences plénières sont disponibles sur le site de la conférence.

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