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17th EARLI Biennial Conference - 2017 - Education in the crossroads of economy and politics – Role of research in the advancement of public good

Date :  du 27-08-2017 au 02-09-2017

Lieu :  Tampere

Organisation :  European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)

Programme : 

Education is struggling between the tensions and forces from economy, politics, media and scientific research. Against the backdrop of the economic situation in Europe, public funding for education is decreasing in many countries. This creates a situation in which politicians tend to initiate programmes that attract media attention in order to guarantee the continuation of their political careers. The role of research in advancing education is being challenged as are the funding opportunities for educational and psychological research.

What is research about, how to combine theory and practice, and how to convince the general public and policy makers of the myriad strengths educational and psychological research have to offer to the advancement of well-being and public good?

We warmly encourage participants to present results and ideas to increase the impact of research in the political and societal decision-makers.

Keynote Speakers

- Dr. Cornelis De Brabander, Leiden University (NL) : "A Unified Model of Task-Specific Motivation"

- Prof. David Gijbels, University of Antwerp (BE) : " Preparing Lifelong Learners. Student Learning in Higher Education and Beyond" 

- Prof. Allyson Hadwin, University of Victoria (CA) : "Promoting adaptive regulation: Progress, challenges and possibilities"

- Prof. Sari Lindblom-Ylänne, University of Helsinki (FI) : "A Critical Analysis of Student Approaches to Learning in the Light of Recent Empirical Evidence"

- Prof. Dr. Manfred Prenzel, Technical University of Munich (DE) : Evidence-based Education and the Role of Teacher Education

- Dr. Bart Rienties, Open University (UK) : "The Power of Learning Analytics: Is There Still a Need for Educational Research?"

- Prof. Dr. Kari Smith, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO) : "Moving Beyond Rhetoric: Building a Culture to Substantiate Research Based Teacher Education"

- Prof. Dr. Jouni Välijärvi, University of Jyväskylä (FI) : "Changing Competence Needs and International Comparative Assessments"

- Prof. Dr. Tamara van Gog, Utrecht University (NL) : "Eye Follow You: Effects of Gaze Cues on Learning"


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