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EAPRIL 2017 Conference - Inspired by the visions of future education and learning

Date :  du 29-11-2017 au 01-12-2017

Lieu :  Hämeenlinna

Organisation :  European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning in Education and Professional Practice (EAPRIL)

avec le soutien de la Fédération des universités des sciences appliquées (FUAS)

Programme : 

EAPRIL 2017 will be organised during the darkest of the dark times in Finland, and wishes to invite you to experience a diversity of learning perspectives via the theme “Inspired by the visions of future education and learning”. The dialogue between researchers and practice experts is central to EAPRIL. Sharing visions, dreams, new ideas and innovative solutions that inspire
the presence and future of education, while acknowledging historical-cultural backgrounds.
Looking back on the past 20 years we have sensed the rapidity of change experienced today, even likely to accelerate more in the future. Education can be thought of as a doorway to the future. It will never disappear but may act in different creative ways. New smart tools appear continuously. Digital disruptions empower educators, developers and workers to revolutionise learning.
We invite the EAPRIL conference delegates to exchange, think and re-think (future) education and new possibilities on learning and working, connected with the values of education. The delegates are invited to explore the educational trends and pedagogical innovations, as well as the impact of digitalisation on education, career development, training, lifelong learning and wellbeing. Also aspects of management, leadership and mentoring are important: how can we facilitate and support these changes?

Cloud invited sessions:

CL1. Teacher Education

CL2. Educators’ Professional Development

CL3. Strategies to Improve Teaching & Learning Environments

CL4. Innovations in Education: Improving Learning and Well-being

CL5. HRD and Workplace Learning

CL6. ICT, Media & Learning

CL7. Practice-based Research & Inquiry

CL8. Diversity & Equality in Different Contexts

CL9. Sounds & Arts in Transversal Learning

NEW - CL10: Assessment & Evaluation

NEW - CL11: Practice-based research methodologies

Keynote Speeches:

Ruben Vanderlinde ~ Ghent University (BE)
Practitioner research: A hidden secret for professional development

Joseph Kessels ~ Open University - Founder of the Learning Company (NL)
Sustainable Learning in a Knowledge Productive Workplace

Minna Huotilainen ~ University of Helsinki (FI)
Insights of brain research in education - music practice and embodiment to enhance learning


Ressources mises à disposition à l'issue de la manifestation : 

• articles :


Les contributions sont rassemblées dans un document téléchargeable de 448 pages.

mot(s) clé(s) :  pratiques pédagogiques