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EUNIS 23rd annual congress 2017 - Sharing digital future of universities

Date :  du 07-06-2017 au 09-06-2017

Lieu :  Münster

Organisation :  European University Information Systems organization (EUNIS)

Programme : 

This Congress presents an opportunity for sharing of experience amongst international specialists, users, researchers, decision-makers, and teaching staff from across Europe. The event provides an ideal forum to present and publish the latest results of research, development, and deployment of Information Technology in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

There will be six tracks for presentations:

- Leadership & Management
- ICT Infrastructure & Security
- Learning, Teaching and Student Experience
- Software Development
- OpenX & Interoperability
- New Ideas & Innovative Concepts


Ressources mises à disposition à l'issue de la manifestation : 

• articles :


Les actes sont téléchargeables sur le site du congrès (pdf, 417 pages).

mot(s) clé(s) :  enseignement supérieur, technologie éducative