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9th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting

Date :  du 16-06-2016 au 17-06-2016

Lieu :  Tarragona

Organisation :  European University Association (EUA)

Programme : 

The Annual Meeting of EUA-CDE is the largest and most comprehensive event dedicated to European doctoral education. It is an opportunity for all stakeholders in doctoral education from Europe and beyond to meet and exchange ideas and practices as well as stay informed on the latest trends.
What is good doctoral education and what is it good for? These questions are being asked by all stakeholders, in the European institutions, national governments, by university leadership, and in individual research groups.

      The number of doctoral candidates and graduations rose steeply in the past decade, partly due to national policies, but also due to an overall high level of investment in research and development. The higher numbers of doctoral candidates have been a challenge in itself for universities. Moreover, societies are becoming increasingly complex; culturally, economically, and socially. There is still a need for persons trained through research to produce new knowledge and this need makes doctoral education more than relevant today. But is the quality of provision adequate, and are the graduates well prepared for the diverse careers, opportunities, and challenges that await them?

      The conference will look the how universities are ensuring the quality and relevance of doctoral education today, and what it will take to continue ensuring it in the future.

      - Plenary I: Quality and Quantity in Doctoral Education
      - Plenary II: Quality and Relevance of graduates
      - Plenary III: Governance and institutional structures

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      Les diaporamas des interventions sont disponibles sur le site du colloque.

      mot(s) clé(s) :  enseignement supérieur, qualité de l'éducation