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7th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting - Doctoral Education: Thinking globally, acting locally

Date :  du 19-06-2014 au 20-06-2014

Lieu :  Liverpool

Organisation :  European University Association (EUA)

Programme : 
What are the global trends in doctoral education, and how can and should universities react? This is the main question that the 7th Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education will address.

Doctoral education is becoming a global endeavour. Universities and their research activities are becoming increasingly intertwined across continents, the number of doctoral graduates has risen drastically over the last decade, and global mobility has reached the point where some universities, or whole national systems, have close to half of their doctoral candidates coming from abroad. Investments in research are rising and so is the competition for resources, not least for talented doctoral candidates. Meanwhile, universities and researchers are looking for partners all over the world to strengthen their research and to gain access to resources such as funding, talent and infrastructures.

The event will examine how universities deal with this situation and the local implications of global trends. In addition, the Annual Meeting will provide European universities with an insight into doctoral education in other parts of the world as well as give non-European universities an opportunity to learn more about European doctoral education.

The Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education is the largest gathering of all stakeholders in the field of doctoral education in Europe. It will provide ample opportunities for open discussions of challenges and opportunities between colleagues from all over Europe and beyond. There will be learning opportunities for newcomers to the field of doctoral education as well as a master class for the “veterans” of the field.

Plenary I: Collaboration and Competition – Global Trends
Chair: Lesley Wilson, European University Association
Barbara Knuth, Cornell University, United States
Aini Ideris, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Jean Chambaz, University of Pierre and Marie Curie, France

Breakout Sessions I
- I.a Global Partnerships and mobility
- I.b Bottom up top down: Challenges facing researchers and institutions
- I.c Integration of international doctoral candidates
- I.d An Introduction to Doctoral Education I

Plenary II: Internationalising Doctoral Education – the institutional perspective
Chair: Vaclav Hampl, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, and EUA-CDE Steering Committee
Alastair McEwan, University of Queensland, Australia
Anne Beate Maurseth, University of Bergen, Norway and Joanne Byrne, EUA - FRINDOC

Plenary III – Working across borders: institutional and personal experiences
Chair: Melita Kovacevic, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and EUA-CDE Steering Committee
Stefan Bienefeld, Head of Division Development Co-operation and Alumni Programmes, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Hilligje van’t Land, International Association of Universities (IAU)
Monday Ogese, Doctoral Candidate, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Breakout Sessions II
- II.a Institutional policies
- II.b International doctoral programmes
- II.c E-learning and mobility
- II.d An Introduction to Doctoral Education II


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