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JURE 2014 - 18th Junior researchers conference - Learning and Instruction Inside Out

Date :  du 30-06-2014 au 04-07-2014

Lieu :  Nicosia

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Programme : 
The theme of the conference is Learning and Instruction Inside Out and we are looking for Junior Researchers' Contributions in relation to this theme. The ship, that was chosen to be our logo and captured from a mosaic*, stands for the ancient Kyrenia ship; a shipwreck that was found deep in the Mediterranean Sea, and whose construction has been estimated around 338 B.C. The history behind this particular ship inspired the theme of our conference. Like sailors facing the unknown, young researchers begin their research journeys aiming for new discoveries, new developments, new frontiers of scientific knowledge. Sailors always look ahead without fearing the unknown. Likewise, young researchers strive to overcome barriers of any type during their research journeys, while at the same time their focus remains the discovery of new knowledge. It is through these adventurous journeys, the different viewpoints, and the diverse methodological orientations that Learning and Instruction can be explored (or re-explored) Inside Out, and thus new advancements can be achieved. Nevertheless, through the JURE 2014 conference we aim to contribute to the field of Learning and Instruction by re-addressing some of the research questions that have already been raised, and bringing about new methodologies and ideas in the process.

      Keynote speakers:

      1. Dr. Leonidas Kyriakides
      Associate Professor of Educational Research and Evaluation, Department of Education, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
      Improving teaching quality: an evidence-based and theory-driven approach to teacher professional development

      2. Dr. Kristiina Kumpulainen
      Professor of Education, Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, Finland
      Researching engagement, agency and co-construction of meaning in educational interactions

      3. Dr. David Whitebread
      Senior Lecturer in Psychology & Education, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
      The early emergence of metacognition and self-regulation in young children

      4. Dr. Aleksander Baucal
      Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Serbia
      On necessity of integration of quantitative and qualitative approaches for making relevant knowledge in education sciences
      5. Liisa Postareff
      Assistant Professor, Centre for Research and Development in Higher Education, University of Helsinki, Finland
      A pedagogical perspective into early career development

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