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2013 University-industry interaction conference - Challenges and solutions for fostering entrepreneurial universities and collaborative innovation

Date :  du 28-05-2013 au 29-05-2013

Lieu :  Amsterdam

Organisation : 
University-Industry Innovation Network (UIN)

Programme : 
The 2013 University-Industry Interaction Conference will be an international meeting and discussion forum for practitioners and researchers on university-industry innovation and entrepreneurial universities, where theory and practice are equally emphasised in the programme.

      We believe that learning, making new and developing existing contacts as well as having a good time are highly interlinked aspects of a conference. Therefore, we design the 2013 University-Industry Interaction Conference in a way that all three aspects are equally fostered, resulting in a positive influence each other and a maximization of our participants' conference experience.

      In addition, we believe that the various formats of communication and discussion have their individual advantages and should thus be integrated to get the most out of a conference. Therefore, the conference will feature keynote speakers, parallel tracks, workshops, open discussion panels, a poster session as well as a PhD workshop.

      Sub-themes include, but are not limited to:

      - Innovation in and through university-industry relationships
      - Academic Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurial Universities
      - University Business Cooperation (UBC): The development and management of partnerships
      - Intellectual property (IP) management
      - Knowledge transfer and valorisation
      - Science-to-Business Marketing
      - Stakeholders and their roles and activities in university-industry interaction

      Keynotes speakers :

      - Professor Henry Etzkowitz
      President of Triple Helix Association

      - Dr. John Bell
      Vice President, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Philips Research

      - Lucia Recalde Langarica
      European Commission, Head of Unit - European Institute of Innovation & Technology

      - Dr. Laurent Mieville
      Author of "From Science to Business", Past President of ASTP

      - Philippe Vanrie
      CEO of European Business & Innovation Centre Network

      - Dr. David Docherty
      Chief Executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business, UK

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