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15th EARLI biennial conference - 2013 - Responsible Teaching and Sustainable Learning

Date :  du 27-08-2013 au 31-08-2013

Lieu :  Munich

Organisation :  European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI)

Programme : 
The conference theme responsible teaching and sustainable learning focuses on elementary issues that educational researchers investigate. Besides, it picks up EARLI’s twofold mission in researching learning and instruction and also connects to recent developments in educational research and practice.

      We understand responsible teaching with respect to multiple and challenging educational goals, e.g., the development of knowledge and understanding, of interest and social competencies and of social engagement and problem-solving competencies. Besides, we focus the responsibility of teachers to provide powerful, motivating and social learning environments. Not only should teachers prepare learners for particular exams, but for being able to develop their character, being open minded and develop own ideas. In other words: teachers should be aware of their responsibility to create learning environments which make sustainable learning likely.

      In focusing the sustainability of learning, we mean to highlight learning processes which are meaningful and useful, aware and reflective, focused on higher order skills and deep understanding. Sustainable learning is self-determined and in line with social, global, ecological responsibility, open-minded and a basis for learning across the life span. The concept of sustainability focuses the idea of a system – e.g. an ecosystem – remaining diverse and productive over time. For a psychological system to remain diverse and productive over time, learning is a crucial element. However, it is not understood that learning is sustainable! Often, learning is numb and focused on short term goals. To circumvent this is a challenge for every person involved in researching educational processes!

      In sum, we believe that qualitatively ambitious educational research which is carried out in awareness of today's global challenges will contribute to improving teaching and learning by making it more responsible as well as more sustainable.

      Keynote Speakers:

      Irene-Anna Diakidoy
      Text Comprehension, Learning, and Thinking

      Jan Elen
      “Instructional Disobedience”: Challenging Instructional Design Research

      Beate van der Heijden
      Responsible Career Management and Sustainable Employability

      Lucy Henry
      Working Memory in Children with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

      Charles Hulme
      Evidence-based Interventions for Reading Impairments

      Mareike Kunter
      Preparing Teachers for Responsible Teaching – Research on Teachers’ Professional Competence

      James Pellegrino
      The Role of Research and Theory on Learning in Building Coherent Systems for Science Education

      Alexander Renkl
      Reflective Writing Assignments for Fostering Retention, Transfer, and Future Learning

      Tina Seidel
      Understanding the Interplay of Student Characteristics and Teacher Interactions in Classrooms

      Fritz Staub
      Joint Responsibility and the Advancement of Teacher Learning in Mentoring and Classroom-based Coaching

      Marcel Veenman
      Metacognition and Learning: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations Revisited. What have we Learned During the Last Decade?

      Submission of proposals: 28 July 2012 - 31 October 2012

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