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Adult Learning at the Nexus of Life Course, Work & Transitions

Date :  du 27-09-2023 au 29-09-2023

Lieu :  Goethe University Frankfurt

Modalité :  présentiel

Organisation : 

The Symposium will take place in room NG 1.741 on the first upper level (1. OG) of the Side Building (Nebengebäude) at the IG-Farben Building on Goethe University’s Westend Campus, Gisèle-Freund-Platz 1, 60323 Frankfurt am Main. The easiest way to get there is by underground (U1/2/3/8 to Holzhausenstraße/Uni Campus Westend) or by bus (route 36 to Uni Campus Westend or route 64 to Bremer Straße).

Programme : 

Towards a deeper understanding of adult learning

Adults learn not only in dedicated educational institutions, but also in other contexts – such as work, community and volunteer associations, within families or via the World Wide Web. In the Lifelong Learning discourse, this phenomenon is often discussed by distinguishing between formal, non-formal and informal learning.

However, it would be incorrect to interpret this analytical distinction as though only formal learning processes were to take place in continuing education institutions and only informal learning processes in voluntary work. Instead, we need to bear in mind that it is individuals who learn. And this learning assumes different shapes and occurs in specific configurations and opportunity spaces. This leads us to view learning as a relation between the social and the individual; between reflection, engaging with experiences and the arrangements that shape this engagement.

Whereas the study of teaching and learning within institutions of further education – as tends to be the focus in German adult education research – is valuable, there are very interesting international contributions dealing with adult learning outside these traditional contexts. For this reason, it seems urgent to us to broaden our understanding and to explore adult learning from international and complementary perspectives.

This symposium brings together international established and emerging researchers to discuss adult learning outside educational institutions. Of particular interest are the nexus and interrelations of life course, work, and transitions.  We want to better understand adult learning by focusing on the influence of the life course – including life course transitions and biographical experience – and the demands, changing nature and evolving role of work in people’s lives. To this end, the discussions will feature theoretical contributions and empirical findings on the relationship between the social and individual in adult learning processes.

Questions that will guide our discussion

Conceptualizing Adult Learning
How can adult learning beyond institutions of further and continuing education be conceptualized, building on empirically founded theorizing?

Social Context
How can the social context, framing, and embeddedness of learning be conceptualized?

Analytical Value
What analytical value is there in studying adult learning at the nexus of life course, work, and transitions?

Forms of Knowledge
What is the significance of different forms of knowledge for understanding learning at the nexus of life course, work, and transitions?

Changing Work
How can the changing demands and nature of work be systematized, conceptualized and put in relation to learning?

What are methods to investigate learning in the context of work, life course, and transitions?

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mot(s) clé(s) :  alphabétisation et éducation des adultes, orientation professionnelle