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Research for All

Référence :  Vol. 1, n°2, juillet 2017

  • Open Access Editorial: Motivations for engagement, Duncan, Sophie; Oliver, Sandy

Language: Meanings and Tensions

  • The power of language in the age of austerity: Volunteers and practitioners reflect on UK civil society, Clancy, Sharon
  • Terminology and tensions within evidence-informed decision-making in South Africa over a 15-year period, Stewart, Ruth; Dayal, Harsha; Langer, Laurenz

Creativity When Working Together

  • Translation: From Bench to Brain – Using the visual arts and metaphors to engage and educate, Jones, Rhys Bevan; Thomas, Julia; Lewis, Jamie; Read, Simon; Jones, Ian
  • Creative, participatory projects with young people: Reflections over five years, Dunn, Valerie; Mellor, Tom
  • Young people and an NHS participation worker reflect on their involvement in a creative, collaborative mental health research project, Allan, Sophie; Davis-Steel, Kelly; Dunn, Fran; Dunn, Valerie
  • Who inspired my thinking? – Young people with a lot to say but few opportunities to be heard, Dunn, Valerie
  • Collaborative working practices: Imagining better research partnerships, Rasool, Zanib

Models for Working Together: Open, Inclusive and Interactive

  • From crowdsourcing data to network building: Reflections on conducting research in the open, Jordan, Katy
  • Breakthrough environments for inclusive research into race and mental health: Co-creating social justice impact via the #justcare event and social media, Owusu, Sarah J.; Tuitt, Derek; Wilde, Joanna
  • Succeeding with interactive research: How to manage research with and about society, Krogh, Andreas Hagedorn; Nielsen, Morten Velsin
  • Participatory research: Where have we been, where are we going? – A dialogue, Hall, Budd L.; Tandon, Rajesh

Using Research to Make a Difference in Policy and Practice

  • Complexities of linking researchers with policymakers in Africa, Barugahara, Ismail; Harber, Tomas
  • Research learning communities: How the RLC approach enables teachers to use research to improve their practice and the benefits for students that occur as a result, Brown, Chris

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