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Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST)

Référence :  Vol. 54, n°6, août 2017

  • Expectancy-value and children's science achievement: Parents matter, Julie A. Thomas and Kamden K. Strunk
  • Applying a goal-driven model of science teacher cognition to the resolution of two anomalies in research on the relationship between science teacher education and classroom practice ,
  • Todd L. Hutner and Arthur B. Markman
    Defining and characterizing ecosystem services for education: A Delphi study, John Ruppert and Ravit Golan Duncan
  • Resistance to dialogic discourse in SSI teaching: The effects of an argumentation-based workshop, teaching practicum, and induction on a preservice science teacher, Ahmet Kilinc, Umit
  • Demiral and Tezcan Kartal
  • The increasingly important role of science competency beliefs for science learning in girls, Paulette Vincent-Ruz and Christian D. Schunn

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