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Educational Research

Référence :  Vol. 59, n°2, juin 2017

Thème :  Evidence-informed practice in education: meanings and applications

  • Evidence-informed practice in education: meanings and applications, Julie Nelson & Carol Campbell
  • Supporting evidence use in networked professional learning: the role of the middle leader, Danielle LaPointe-McEwan, Christopher DeLuca & Don A. Klinger
  • Combining the best of two worlds: a conceptual proposal for evidence-informed school improvement, Chris Brown, Kim Schildkamp & Mireille D. Hubers
  • What can evidence-use in practice learn from evidence-use in policy?, Mark Rickinson, Kate de Bruin, Lucas Walsh & Matthew Hall
  • What do teachers need? An exploration of evidence-informed practice for classroom assessment in Ontario, Amanda Cooper, Don A. Klinger & Patricia McAdie
  • Developing a knowledge network for applied education research to mobilise evidence in and for educational practice, Carol Campbell, Katina Pollock, Patricia Briscoe, Shasta Carr-Harris & Stephanie Tuters
  • How educational ideas catch on: the promotion of popular education innovations and the role of evidence, Nathalie Carrier
  • Research practice partnerships: a strategy for promoting evidence-based decision-making in education, Laura Wentworth, Christopher Mazzeo & Faith Connolly

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